We have amended our policy. We intend to restart the school on Monday 12th April, Please check the booking system or phone for information.

CFS Flight Training – COVID 19

 RESTART April 2021


All surfaces normally touched in the school environment to be cleaned daily with guardicide disinfectant.

1.       Masks will be worn by all staff and students in the school at all times.

2.       Hand disinfectant gel dispensers are installed by both entrances. All people transiting through these doors must disinfect their hands on every occasion.

3.       No more than 6 people will be allowed in the main office at any one time. A 2 metre separation will be enforced at all times. No people will be permitted to stay in the main office unless there is a specific reason. Eating of lunch/food  etc will not be permitted in the main office.

4.       Preflight and post flight briefing must be carried out in one of the briefing rooms, not in the main office.

5.       The area around the desk must be kept free of personell. Only one person at  a time is permitted to approach the desk.

6.       Checklists will be personalised.

7.       Everyone will be required to own their own headset/or rent for the duration of their course.

8.       All aircraft will be pre-fogged  fortnightly with a persistent disinfectant.

9.       Each PIC/Student will be responsible for spraying and wiping down touched surfaces on entry to the aircraft. Materials for doing this will be provided by the school.

10.   Masks to be worn at all times during flight.

11.   All staff, rental customers, students and instructors must self-certify their health status and be required sign the visitors log to that effect on each entry to the school. i.e. no symptoms in either themselves or anyone in the direct family group for the past 10 days (and no one who has been contacted by the track and trace system.) Anyone who starts to show symptoms whilst in the school must remove themselves immediately.

12.   All entrants to the school will have their temperature checked with an infra-red thermometer.  Anyone who shows a temperature will be asked to leave.

13.   The kitchen is for staff use  only and cups/mugs to be personalised and not shared.

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