Tier 4 Changes

As I am sure you will all know we have been put into Tier 4 for managing the Covid pandemic. What this means for flying training is that we revert to the same protocol we worked to in the previous Lockdown.

This is that we have temporarily stopped training for LAPL, PPL(for private use), Private Hire and Trial Lessons. We are continuing to train students who are training for CPL (Commercial Pilots LIcence). This includes students at the PPL stage of the modular course or the CPL or IR stages or other professional qualifications or hours building for CPL entry.

All admin will be working from home during this period so please bear with us if we are slow to reply to questions. Please phone (01234752272) or email ( if you would like further clarification.

Again, hopefully, this wont last too long and we can all return to something like a normal life.

May I also take this opportunity to wish everyone, staff and students both past and present a nice Christmas Holiday break, as best you can in these trying times, and let us all hope for a better 2021.

Stay safe.

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