There are many different ways to learn to fly, with different aircraft, different airfields, different types of courses and different forms of piloting. This can be very confusing to someone entering a flying school for the first time.

We operate what is called a modular system of flying training using Piper aircraft (Warriors, Arrows and Seminole). This is so that anyone learning with us does not have to switch to different types of aircraft during their training. The modular system, as opposed to the integrated system, is that we train in ‘modules’. First the PPL (or LAPL), then Night, then CPL then Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating. Depending on how far you want to go. The integrated system assumes you want to become an airline pilot and skips all the intermediate stages.

The first question that we ask someone new entering the school is to ask what sort of pilot they want to be. Some people want to just get a licence and fly around locally some want to become Airline Pilots and there are a large number of options in between. Each one has a different route to learning and the best way to sort this out is to come and visit us and talk to one of our instructors or operations people and we can guide you through it all.

The normal licence people want initially is the UK CAA PPL or Private Pilots Licence. This entitles you to fly small aircraft in Europe, and with a simple conversion in other parts of the world too. However, if your ambitions are not as wide as that and/or your funds are limited you can opt for the National Private Pilots Licence or NPPL which gives you much the same privileges as the PPL for a lower number of hours of training.

Once people have the basic licence they often then want to stretch themselves and go for a night rating, multi-engine rating or an instrument rating. A further stretch is the Commercial Pilots Licence if you want to earn money from your flying and then the ultimate is the Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) which is your entry into flying for commercial airlines.

Also on our list of courses is the Flight Instructor rating which is for those who would like to share their skills with others and enjoy teaching.

All our courses are pay as you go. You need to first become a member of our school (£100 pa) and we then enrol you on our booking system, you book your flight with an instructor, choose your plane and fly your lesson. You pay only for the time you fly at the end of your lesson. In our course prices, we estimate (as best we can) all the costs you are likely to incur in the acquisition of your licence. We cannot be exact in this as it will vary by individual based on how fast they learn, what time availability they have and what the weather does during their course.

Please look through all our courses and then come and talk to us. Book a trial flight to see if you are going to like it and then come and talk to us.