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CFS Flight Training

Train with us to become a Private Pilot and learn about the world of General Aviation, or qualify as a Commercial Pilot flying the big jets.

Flight Training 

Our staff are a group of highly qualified pilots, instructors, and technicians who pride themselves on training our clients to a fantastic standard and also instilling them with a respect for the traditions of aviation.

CFS Flight Training is well equipped with a modern training base, with great social facilities for students and passengers, a wonderful hotel inside a fantastically well converted traditional farm building. We have an exceptionally accomplished team that are dedicated to helping our clients achieve whatever they desire from aviation.


We offer a wide range of professional training courses from PPL to ATPL(A)

Why Choose us?

Becoming a pilot can be an expensive and time consuming pursuit. At CFS we can train pilots to an exceptional standard and elevate many of the draw backs that exist in the process.

No Speed

Get your license in no time!

Low costs

Inexpensive training costs

Commitment To Quality

We strive to be the best

Our Featured Training Courses

We offer a wide range of training courses. 

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Do you want to be a commercial pilot flying big jets around the world or a recreational pilot who just wants to fly for fun.

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