CFS Flight Training

CFS Flight Training


            If you are new to flying and are interested in learning to fly either to be a private pilot flying for fun or want to contribute to the beginning of your commercial flying career, we can help you achieve your goals. Please give us a call if your have any questions and we will be happy to talk to you about your individual needs. We are sure you will find us helpful, flexible and able to meet any of your flying aspirations.

Becoming a Pilot

Becoming a pilot is easier than you think. The following steps are an abridged version of whats required to gain your Pricate Pilots License

1. Medical

To start it's a good idea to attain your class 2 EASA medical certificate, we have provided some useful links below to help you with this.

2. Ground Exams

You will study and sit 9 theory exams: Air Law, Human Factors, Meteorology, Communications, Principles of Flight, Ops Procedures, Flight Performance & Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge, Navigation

3. Flight Training

You can take your flying lessons and study for your ground exams at the same time. In all the syllabus contains 45 hours of flying including 10 hours solo time!

4. Flight Test

After all that, you put your skills to the test with an examiner. They will assess your ability and when you're successful you will be able to apply for your own License!

You're now a Pilot!

That's all there is to it! You'll be guided through to whole process by our helpful and knowledgebale instructors who will be with you ever step of the way. Please call us or drop in and have a chat!

Please click below to find some more detailed information about the Private Pilots License and what we offer, as well as our current price list.

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