Flight Training

Hour Building

HsB is part of the training that ensures you gain experience before continuing the training. While your previous flying experience is learning, this stage also gives you the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the amazing feeling and excitement of flying.

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The PIC is required to start the next stages of training:

MEP (L) – 70 hours PIC /FCL.720.A a) 1. /
IR – 50 PIC hours in en-route flights, of which at least 10 on aircraft in the relevant category /FCL.610 IR b) /
CPL (A) – 150 hours of Total Flight Time
HsB is a great part of the training process. The reason many of us want to be pilots is because they want to enjoy flying. In addition, we offer a stay in our hotel, the care of professional instructors and the great availability of perfectly prepared planes for flights. Hours Building is part of your training that gives you freedom and autonomy. Whereas your previous flying experience is about learning now you have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the the incredible feeling and excitement that comes with flying.


  • PPL(A)
  • Time : 5 weeks full time training.
  • Cessna 150 Cessna C172 Tecnam P2002JF

Do you want to be a commercial pilot flying big jets around the world or a recreational pilot who just wants to fly for fun.

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