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PPL (A) / Private Pilot License / entitles to fly single-engine airplanes with MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight) not exceeding 5700 kg in non-commercial operations. With such a license, you can fly in accordance with the VFR (Visual Flight Rules). With this license you will also receive your first SEP(L) rating.

Being the holder of this license is the first step in both the aviation adventure and the professional career of a Pilot. The training for the PPL(A) license includes:

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Theoretical course

The theory course includes 100 hours of study in the following subjects:

Air Law,
Human Performance & Limitations,
Principles of Flight,
Operational Procedures,
Flight Planning & Monitoring,
Aircraft General Knowledge,

The theoretical training ends with an internal examination. After passing the internal exam at ATO, the student receives a theoretical training certificate, which authorizes him to start practical training and to pass theoretical exams at the Civil Aviation Office.

 Practical training

The practical course for the PPL (A) license according to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) lasts for a minimum of 45 flight hours.

Practical training includes:

Instructed flights, incl 5 hours of instrument flying. Solo flights (under the supervision of an instructor), incl 5 hours of navigation flights, incl a solo flight of at least 150 nautical miles with two landings at other airports.

We conduct the training on Tecnam P2002JF, Cessna C150, Cessna C172 airplanes.

After completing the practical training and passing the theoretical exams before the CAA Examination Board, the student may take the practical exam for the PPL(A) license. Upon successful completion of the exams, the Pilot becomes a PPL (A) holder with the first rating SEP(L) entered in the license.


During the training, we provide pilots with accommodation in our hotel at promotional prices. The hotel is located at our airport, which greatly facilitates training, builds experience and introduces you to the atmosphere of aviation

Benefit of holding an PPL(A): A Private Pilots License gives you a fantastic range of opportunities. Not only does it give you the opportunity to fly and experience beautiful scenery in a way very few can, but also by holding a PPL(A) you can consider pursuing a career as a pilot. You must hold a PPL(A) for you to be able to move onto the next licence CPL(A) Commercial Pilot Licence (aeroplanes).


  • Medical requirements : Medical certificate class 2. (Medical certificate class 1 also accepted
  • Age : 17 and above.

Do you want to be a commercial pilot flying big jets around the world or a recreational pilot who just wants to fly for fun.

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