Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions prior to enrolling. Also note that any discounted flights are non-refundable and all international students are subject to a £2500 administration charge in addition to our standard charges.

  • All prepayments for flying courses are based on the use of a PA28 or C150. The use of another aircraft will incur extra costs unless it is at the request of the school.
  • All prepayments for flying course packages and experience flights are non-refundable after an initial 14-day cooling-off period from the date of purchase.
  • All hours included in the lesson package will be flown by the school. Hours purchased cannot be assigned to any other flying school.
  • Students will book flying lessons a minimum of 24 hours in advance with the appropriate instructor. If the student fails to arrive then a no-show fee will be charged at £60. This does not apply if the cancellation of the lesson/flight is a result of weather or technical reasons.
  • Packages are based on minimum required hours (e.g.  CAA PPL 45 hours.). If the student exceeds the limit of the course package then further flights required to achieve the respective license will be charged at the standard school rate for the aircraft.
  • The school will not be liable if booked aircraft are not available due to technical issues. The school reserves the right to re-assign/cancel lessons in that event.
  • The flight will only go ahead if the weather is suitable and is considered safe. We will reschedule your flight free of charge if it is cancelled due to unsuitable weather.
  • The school reserves the right to exclude a student from the school/flying. This will not be unreasonably invoked.
  • Detailed training records will be kept for each student carrying out a published course. These records can be inspected by the student and are subject to data protection.
  • All students and hirers must be members of the flying school and fill in the required information sheet and pay the membership fee annually.
  • All students and hirers must read and sign the CFS operations manual.
  • All students and hirers must ensure that the aircraft used should be left in the state that they would wish to find it. Cleaning windscreens of aircraft is required as part of the A check.
  • Minimum hire time for an aircraft is 30min. In the event of a hire of one full working day then the minimum hire charge will be 3 hours.
  • Prices for hire/lessons and courses published on the website are for guidance only. Up to date prices are displayed prominently in the school. These prices are subject to change at short notice.
  • All students/hirers must follow the school policies available on request and will be available on the website.

Cranfield Flying School, November 2023


Do you want to be a commercial pilot flying big jets around the world or a recreational pilot who just wants to fly for fun.

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